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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Just Bead It

Expensive Nordstrom beaded necklace
Saw this necklace at Nordstrom and really liked it but, I didn't really like the price.
Once again I said in my head " I can totally make that ! "

My $10 copy
And I did. 
Only out of a pretty pewter color bead because the gold colored beads looked cheap.

While I was at Nordstrom I measured the length and width of the necklace against my hand ( ie. width is from wrist to tip of middle finger ). 
Next I drew a paper pattern, thread traced it onto gray felt that matched the pewter color beads I purchased and used leather cording from an old bolero tie.

This is the back of the necklace before beading

Attached a clasp to the one end of the leather cording and firmly stitched the other ends to the felt. Fused interfacing to the back of the felt to add structure and strength for beading neckpiece. 

Beading was done on the front ( non-interfaced ) side and that's why thread outline is important

Hand sewing the beads was done over many evenings while watching shows on Hulu.
When beading was finished spread a thick layer of glue on the back to attach another layer of felt that covered up all the stitches and interfacing.

Last step was carefully trimming away the felt and my beaded necklace knock-off was complete!

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