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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Stretching your $$

$12.50 for four elastic bands at J Crew

These stretchy elastic bands that my girlies and I frequently wear on our wrists 
( and wear even more frequently in our hair ) 
are extremely popular AND extremely over-priced.

How over-priced became very clear when
I was wearing an elastic band while touring Britex Fabrics 
and the guide pointed out that the exact same elastic was for sale… 
$1.99 a yard.
I bought a yard each of four different colors
and each yard yielded 4 bands.

 I cut the elastic, 
girlie singed the edges so they would not fray,

and other girlie tied the ends into knots.

The missing bands are already on our wrists and hair

Within 5 minutes we had 16 stretchy elastic bands at a cost of 50 cents per band…
which still seems a little over-priced :)

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