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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hoffman Challenge 2015

One of the most popular exhibits at the 
Road to California 
is always the winners of the 
Hoffman Challenge.

The fabric in the background was the 2014 challenge fabric

Over 25 years ago Hoffman fabrics started challenging fiber artists 
to create a traveling showcase of a featured Hoffman fabric.

The challenge has grown from 94 fiber artists in 1988 to more than 700 entries
for 2014 in quilts, dolls, clothing, and accessories.

The juried pieces become a traveling exhibit displayed at shows, shops, museums, and other venues.

It is always fun to see the extremely creative usage of the Hoffman challenge fabric. 

And I challenge anyone to view the whimsical dolls without smiling :)

And this is the challenge fabric for 2015!
For all the rules and prizes go to
714 614-7228

Hoffman Fabric booth had a scrapbook of all 25 years of challenge fabrics

...and if you think only accomplished fiber artists are selected for the traveling exhibit
take heart!

This is the Hoffman challenge fabric from 1998 
when my mom and I had our crazy appliquéd, pieced, jacket
selected to be part of the Hoffman Challenge traveling exhibit!

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