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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ombre Dye Project

I saw this extremely overpriced ombre dyed denim shirt 
at Anthropologie and thought;

 I could do that to one of my old denim shirts...

and I did !

Purchased this NO MESS ( lol ) 
iDye packet at Laguna Beach Art Supply 
in royal blue.

I first saw these dye packets in Seattle and I've really 
wanted to try out the dye process.
This packet is for natural fiber and 
the company also makes a dye for synthetics.

I assembled my dye station and
 finally used the crock pot I bought at an estate sale.

I am way too chicken to use any dye inside my house
at either the stove or in the washing machine 
because it's DYE and stains everything it touches!

So outside 
I heated up the water in the crock pot
and added the dye.

Next I wet just the bottom third of my old denim shirt.

I hung my shirt so just the bottom third would be immersed in the dye bath.
Tried to be extremely careful not to splash the dye onto the rest of the shirt. 

The dye packet did not have any separate dye activator but, 
it did require a lot of non iodized salt.

Things got a little messy as I tried to do the required frequent stirring
for the 30 minutes my shirt was in the dye bath.

Time was up!
Gave it a good cold rinse with the hose

Dye continued to rinse out of the shirt
so I decided to try setting the dye with 
a water and white vinegar bath.

Then I washed it with old clothes in
the washing machine and then the dryer.

I definitely will always wash it with blue clothing.

And that was my first ombre dye adventure!

I would rate it a success;
especially since the only other thing I turned blue 
was the stirring spoon.

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