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Thursday, June 16, 2011


This is the inaugural image of me in something I made. Since I am a sewing instructor I figured that I should show that I practice what I teach-well crafted, wearable clothes. This particular skirt is the one I asked Tim Gunn ( see earlier posts ) about skirt length. I did exactly what he advised NOT to do and truncate my calf. I really like the skirt and the awkward length; I just feel too old for a maxi length, over the hill for a mini and bored to tears with another knee length. Since I'm 5"11 I think I can work the mid-calf length.

Skirt: Butterick 3134and a beautiful heavy knit from LA @ $2 lb ( see earlier post ) approx. cost $3

Sweater: Target on sale

Camisole: Gap

Shoes: Steinmart $49

Belt: Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie; so old I forgot where I got it :)

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