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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

MISSION: Maisonnette in Oceanside

On a semi-sunny Wednesday afternoon I went in search of Maisonnette in Oceanside. Students had raved about what an inspiring little shop it was and what I saw online intrigued me. Oceanside is only 19 miles from my house but, it always feels so far because the drive through Camp Pendleton. Of course, you never know what you might spy at Pendleton and this drive did not disappoint- a desert style encampment.

Downtown Oceanside has such a military town feel to it, but Oceanside really is a pretty little coastal town.

I finally found Maisonnette at the corner of Surfrider and N.Freeman St. It is the cutest house right off the main street. Parking is easy and if you're planning on going click on the store website for open hours and a little store history. I really love that this family is nuturing their passions AND sharing it with us.

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