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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's a rather long story on selecting paint for "painting" my leather shoes. A leather shop in Jerome, Arizona uses Fiebings leather dye to paint its leather belts and purses. Fiebings can be found online BUT they will not deliver to a California address because of EPA regulations.
Also now unavailable in California is a leather spray paint that I had purchased over a decade ago to change pink leather ballet slippers into white for a competition.
Tandy leather sells nothing that will change the color of cured leather, only raw leather.
Sassyfeet ( ) recommends an acrylic fabric paint for leather AND synthetics; sealed with Future clear acrylic floor wax.
Told you this was a long story...
Anyways I was passing a dirty, old sketchy shoe repair that shall remain nameless and there was the banned Color Spray that I had used so long, long ago.
And it worked great.
I always seal new shoes and any surface treatment ( pen, paint, bleach, etc. ) with just a regular water and stain repellent available everywhere.

When using spray paint take the time to really over up what you don't want spray painted. Anyone that has ever used spray paint understands what a pain is over-spray
The spray worked great and I'm heading back to buy some more colors because I don't think I'll find this Color spray again soon.


A subtle dash of color blocking that perked up my favorite leather sandals from last summer.

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