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Saturday, August 4, 2012

#1: A Sharp Collar Point

I have been sewing for a few decades and I cannot claim to be the originator of the following techniques. As any person interested in a skill I have read countless books, magazines, and now websites devoted to sewing. Some tips are much better than others... 
I'm not quite sure where or when I stumbled upon these techniques but, I do know I have been using these techniques successfully for many years.

Step#1: Sew collar sections right sides together to the collar point. Put machine needle through fabrics and insert a strong 5" long thread  between the collar pieces. Hold thread firmly against needle, pivot collar and take one stitch.

Step#2: Bring both ends of 5" long strong thread to inside/ between collar pieces. The 5" long thread is now anchored to collar point by the one stitch. Continue sewing collar and repeat steps at other collar point with a separate 5" strong thread.

When finished sewing collar pieces together trim the excess fabric at the points.

Press the collar seams open for a crisp seam.

Step#3: And instead of using a point turner, scissors, chopstick, etc to poke out the collar point and hope that the collar point is a nice sharp angle. Simply grab both ends of the 5" strong thread that is anchored at the collar point and pull gently.

And voila! Pull until the point is perfect and them simply pull out the 5" strong thread and your collar point is complete.

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