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Saturday, August 4, 2012

#2: Turning a Spaghetti Tube

There must be dozens of gizmos and loop turners for sale but, seldom are they easy OR successful at turning a tube. Safety pins and bobby pins are okay if nothing goes wrong. 
This tip is a fabulous technique for turning a skinny little spaghetti tube right side out.

The spaghetti tube must be made from a strip of fabric cut on the bias or the tube will ripple if curved at all in the garment ( like over a shoulder ). So cut/rip a perfect square of fabric.

Fold fabric in half and the diagonal edge will be the 45 degree angle necessary for a bias strip. Cut strip the desired width of finished spaghetti tube and add 1/4" seam allowance.

Step#1: Pull the bobbin and top thread from machine the length of the bias strip plus a few inches. DO NOT CUT THREADS.  Carefully place the long threads in the middle of the bias strip before folding right sides together.

Step#2: Backstitch securely at beginning of bias strip because this will anchor the long threads that will be pulled in step 4. DO NOT CUT ANY THREADS.

Step#3: Sew the bias strip the entire length being careful NOT to catch the long threads in the stitching. Hold the long threads firmly against the folded edge while sewing 1/4" from raw edge.

When finished sewing long threads should hang freely from one end of bias tube which is now ready to be turned right side out.

Step#4: Holding long threads in one hand and start pulling firmly. Tube will turn into itself and turn right side out. It's just that easy.

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