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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Amazing British Milliner Jane Smith

Last year I heard that a hat block carving class would 
possibly be offered at Fullerton College.
I instantly began emailing monthly asking for details and updates...

Finally the dates were decided and the details worked out and I signed up

This class was just beyond everything I hoped it would be.

Students from all over the country were greeted with cute British bags 
full of supplies and our safety gear...

Looking at the supplies and exciting and intimidating at the same time.
Learning to create an inexpensive hat block 
was a vital link in my millinery goals. 

The British milliner Jane Smith is a very accomplished artist 
and you have probably seen her work in numerous films, most recently 
Far From the Maddening Crowd.

Jane is very practical and her advice was strong and based on decades of experience.
That is the greatest value of classes with experts; they save you from many, many beginner mistakes.

For three days, 8 hours a day every student cut, carved and sanded their creations.
And not one student ever left early. 



The last day I worked up the courage to blindside Jane with a selfie.
She is a lovely individual with great British dry humor.

I am hoping to take another class with Jane Smith...
and I'm really hoping to take it in England!

Class 3 and final class of the Summer of Hat Classes.

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