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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Wayne Wichern Embellishment Class

 After waiting all summer it was finally time to travel to Seattle
 and attend the amazing Wayne Wichern 
Embellishment class in Seattle!

Four of my original naked hats traveled with me looking to be embellished.

The class had a few locals, two students from out of state and one woman from Canada.
All hoping to wring Wayne's mind of 29+ years of millinery experience.

The challenge was fitting decades of experience into a 3 day class.

Wayne had so many great tips and techniques to deal with all sorts of materials.

No request or hat was too great a challenge.

But, what he really stressed was experimenting and manipulating/combinig your materials 
as many ways as you can imagine.

Wayne makes very beautiful, formal hats and mine are much more funky.
But, the class was still eye opening and greatly expanded my ideas index.

Of course outside of class time I did manage to make it to 
downtown Seattle and have a lot of fun.

Pikes Place Market is a smorgasbord of colors, textures and excitement.

 Didn't make it to the Space Needle but, spotted it in the skyline :)

  And finally found the famous Fremont Troll!
There is a real Volkswagon under his left hand,

But, the long weekend was all about 
improving my hat embellishment skills.
I truly struggle with this final step of creating my hats.

Dozens of techniques were demonstrated...

by the amazing Wayne Wichern. 
He was my first millinery instructor
and a genuinely sincere soul.

Class two of the summer of hats was a great success!

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