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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Three Practice Pairs of Pants

First pair of pants was the classic straight leg, green jeans. I altered the shape of the leg below the knee and added length also. After I had sewn the waistband to the pants I noticed a weird horizontal bubble at the small of my back. I also get that with skirts and I think it is because I am sway back. I thought about living with the bubble but, my goal was a perfect pant so I took apart the waistband and lowered it along my back about 5/8" and bubble issue was resolved. Definitely transferred the alteration to the pattern.
WARNING- When altering the shape of the pant leg the grainline MUST be exactly midway between the inseam and the side seam or the pant leg will twist on your leg. Trust me.

My next pair I got some crazy fabric and added the back yoke to the pant ( so no yoke ) and made welt pockets. I also altered the shape of the front pockets and made the pant leg a ' skinny' pant leg and shortened the length to end at my ankle.
 I confess I was careless and the grainline on the pant leg was not centered between the inseam and side seam ( see WARNING above ) and the pant legs slightly twist and it drives me crazy and is a little uncomfortable.

By my third pair of pants I realized I could create some cool, original stitching design on the back pockets so I did some sketches and went with the silly JD ( my initials ). Luckily the stitching thread is very light so the design isn't obvious. I did toy with the thought of using bright red OMG!

Now that it is summer I decided next to sew up a quick pair of shorts from my perfect pant pattern. The third time is always a charm and these shorts went together without a problem.

So here are my three pants all from the same pattern. And I think I accomplished my goal of creating a pant pattern that fits my shape perfectly.


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