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Friday, July 13, 2012

Jeans that Fit!

Everyone from the 80s remembers this Brooke Shields ad for Calvin Klein Jeans-nothing came between her and her Calvins.
This is the first designer jean to burst upon the American conscious and everyone wanted to believe the jeans would fit them as great as Brooke Shields.
Thus began the elusive hunt by women across the world for the perfect fit.

Early attempts at sewing pants for myself were complete failures but, I began working with students trying to create their perfect pant and had some amazing successes.
I decided to try fitting pants again and these green denim jeans were my trial run.
And I love these pants! 

To make sure it wasn't just dumb luck I made another pair with skinny legs, welt pockets in back, and ankle length. And then I realized I could finally have shorts the exact length I wanted and created my third pair of pants that fit me PERFECTLY!

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  1. Cool poses mom, haha. Can you make me jeans like the last ones?