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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Destination: Hat Camp

My first morning in Washington I boarded a ferry to Vashon Island for adventures unknown at
Hat Camp.

Hat Camp was at Camp Burton, a rustic looking place until you looked out the side of camp along the water's edge...

the view and amenities were all 5 star resort. 
This was definitely not camping!

Not knowing exactly what to expect at Hat Camp I was blown away by how informative at every level all the lectures, demonstrations and evening round table discussions were for beginners to established milliners.

Wayne Wichern, creator of Hat Camp
Great lectures, demonstrations, resource suggestions. and tips on creating hats and the business of millinery.

Lecture and demo on using indigo dye. 

It was amazingly cool to see the items turn from green to blue when the dye oxidized in the air.

Three meals a day served in a beautiful dining space overlooking the water.
Simply gorgeous.

More demos and techniques by experienced milliners and hat makers. 

Feather facts and manipulation by Lynn McMasters who has obviously been obsessed with feathers forever!
( and also informed me my beautiful seagull feathers I have been collecting are illegal!! and I could be fined if I use any in my hats )

Feathers, and ribbons and felts; oh my!

Fabulous vintage and modern hats here,


and everywhere!

In all honesty 4 days and 3 nights of Hat Camp was a lot for a novice like me. 
But the breathtaking beauty of the surroundings, the immensely nice people I met and the inspiring examples of all the great millinery artists made it a truly monumental event.


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