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Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Trend?

Here we go again...

I was in my favorite Anthropologie store in Palm Desert and found these two garments that are COMPLETELY WOVEN BY HAND.

How do I know this? Because just like an earlier post about a hand woven top there are absolutely NO SEAMS at all.

No shoulder seams, no side seams, no sleeve seams ( !! ), no center front seam, no center back seam. Believe me I looked closely because I find this trend AMAZING!

The skill and time it takes to complete one of these garments is mind boggling to find it in a regular retail store.  And I never thought I'd say the $248 price tag on the top garment and $288 price tag on the second garment are a deal but, technically these are couture garments because they are completely done by hand.

I am going to research this and find out if the garments are made how I think-by hand or if there is some brilliant knitting like machine that creates these.

Stay tuned...

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