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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Seeds Studio, Natural Fiber Clothing

Down a hall in the amazing Old High School I found a little oasis and once I entered I just wanted to lock the door and never leave.

The studio is called Seeds and it is a garment and hat making wonderland full of textiles, worktables, equipment, hat forms, dress forms, and everything necessary to create and create. 

The proprietor was no where to be found but, that did not diminish the experience. Everywhere I looked I was delighted. 

The hats were all felted and the shapes were fabulous. Of course I tried on at least a dozen.

Not only are the garments and hats fantastic but, the whole space is simply inspiring. 
I truly wished I had a life that included an escape from the world high on a hill in a room with light drenched windows, an indescribable view of Arizona's breathtakingly beautiful vistas surrounded by felts, fabrics and all the tools/equipment required to create wearable art. 

Alas, it's not me but a couturie're and millinery artist named
Sandy Brown. 

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