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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tamara Lyndsay's Shoe College!

The numerous artists occupying the classrooms/studios are a diverse crowd and my heart leaped when I saw the sign for The Shoe College. 
Is there a female alive who doesn't appreciate a great pair of shoes?


Unfortunately no one was home at the Shoe College but, I took this photo through the window because the studio just looks so darn interesting. All the tools were visible to create a variety of shoes. 
( I don't know what fascinates me about labor intensive tasks like millinery, scrimshaw, shoe making, etc. I think I fear the secrets to mastery of many hand crafted skills may become lost in my lifetime and I wish I had time to learn them all!! )

Anyways, the lucky person who gets to make shoes in the awesome studio up on the hillside in Jerome, Arizona is Tamara Lyndsay. There was an article on her in a magazine and you can read all about her at  


  1. Thank you, JD! Sorry we missed you... I had stepped out for my birthday. Hope to see you next visit....keep on sewing! <3 Tamera Lyndsay

  2. how do I find info on beginner shoe making available affordably in the us or Canada? can u help? from drawing to constyruction completion