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Monday, March 5, 2012

Nordstrom Rack ( not so grand ) Opening

Last week I woke up way too early and attended the Grand Opening of a Nordstrom Rack in the city of Orange. I cannot remember ever attending any store grand opening so I was hoping for some deals...

 Apparently about 1,000 people had the same idea but, luckily my friend Liz and I were one of the first 375 crazies so we got to enter the store when it actually opened at 9am.

Moments before the doors were opened a name was drawn and this woman had 90 seconds to run through the store with a golden shopping cart and grab as much loot as possible BUT it could not exceed $2,000.

She grabbed like 7 purses, two pairs of shoes, some watches and a couple articles of clothing. There were also some golden hangers          hidden in the store worth $100 but, none were found by me or Liz.

There were no great deals as a reward for our early morning and also no high end designer fashion at this store ( we know because we asked ). 
But it was Nordstrom Rack and if you can't find a pair of shoes ( or 5 pairs ) that you like, well you just aren't looking hard enough :)

The not so grand opening was fun because I was with my friend but, next time I read about a grand opening I think I will just sleep in.

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