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Saturday, April 6, 2013

More Impressionable Fashions

This is Gallery 8- Spaces of Modern Life.
Paris Street; Rainy Day  painting dominates the gallery .

Gallery 4- The Black Dress
Black Silk dresses were worn in both Manet's Lady with Fans ( left )
and Renior's Portrait of Madame Charpentier ( right )

Gallery 6- Frocks Coats and Fashion: The Urban Male
Fashion options for men was becoming simple and limited. Much like it is today.

Gallery 7- Consumer Culture
Hats and more hats :) Degas apparently painted a whole series on customers, salesgirls and the objects of the customers desires, usually a hat.

A close-up from the exhibit catalogue of a few of the wonderful hats

A lousy photo again from the exhibit catalogue of Edgar Degas The Millinery Shop from 1882-86

Although I thought I was very clever photographing images from the catalogue that I had liked in the show, the actual book was very large and heavy. Not a good thing to have to pack in luggage that was already dangerously close to being over the weight limit.
Plus, I really wasn't blown away by the exhibit. The paintings were amazing but, the clothes were not equally impressive. 
Egads, have I been to too many costume exhibits? Am I becoming jaded? What will happen when I'm 88 going to exhibits? Will I be a sourpuss...? 

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