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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kate Spade

OMG! What is there NOT to love about Kate Spade... I know she doesn't own the label or design for it anymore but, I still love Kate Spade. Such a rich understated elegance. I wish I could design like this. All the looks were effortlessly chic and would really look good on females from 15 to 75. The color combinations, the mix of patterns, the proportions, the silhouettes, it was just all done so extremely well. Tim Gunn called Kate Spade the Elsa Schiaparelli of the 21st century. All I know is that I immensely enjoyed the collection and I would buy any/all the garments if I won the lottery:0

I really loved the little straw hat with the yellow dress. Why oh why don't women wear hats anymore?? They are just SO DELIGHTFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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