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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Now for the Good Stuff!!

So Tim had some great quips. My favorites were, 1) " Wear your clothes with confidence, if you look in the mirror and think you look like an ass then you probably do! " 2) " Jewel tones work for everyone; pastels wash you out and neons make skin tone look terrible. " 3) " If your comfortable looks like you just got out of bed, then stay in bed!! " Tim was so very genuine and hilarious. He totally dished about Project Runway saying that last season Heidi and him were HORRIFIED that Mondo didn't win. But Micheal Kors said he was tired of edgy designers winning and Gretchen was more mainstream. Nina Garcia was agreeing with Heidi and Tim until Micheal told Nina that Mondo NEVER took her advice and Gretchen always did. That's how Gretchen won. Also, Tim will be on daytime TV starting in January with a yet to be filmed show on ABC. He's also publishing a book in January called ' The Fashion Bible ' about the history and evolution of garments plus how to wear them well. I enjoyed listening to Tim Gunn so much that when they asked if anyone in the audience had any questions I immediately raised my hand and was selected ( !! ). I want to sew a casual long skirt that isn't quite floor length but I have real doubts about what length would look good. According to Tim any skirt that is not to the top of the knee or the bottom of the knee is extremely unflattering because it truncates the leg. I kinda agree but, does that mean all capris are equally unattractive... I didn't get to say all that but, I would have loved to have talked fashion with Tim Gunn all day, any day, every day. He seemed like a truly fun person.

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