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Saturday, April 16, 2011


So I just want to sneak in that I purchased my first EVER brand new machine ( look, it even came in a box! ). Up to this point in my 35 years+ of sewing I have regularly inherited my mothers' old machines when she purchased brand new machines every ten years or so. And the last time I took in one of her old machines to have the busted gears replaced the service guy talked me into purchasing a "new" used machine for almost the same cost of replacing the gears. I really loved that machine except the stitch length control was not very responsive. So I was on my way to buy a Janome that I liked, except it was a 3/4 size machine instead of a full size machine. I decided to stop into Moores on Marguerite Parkway and there I met Dixon who had all the answers to all my inquiries. Moores does not carry Janome because they're not very impressed with the brand. Dixon showed me a consumer report that listed a Brother machine as highly rated as some extremely more expensive machines. After letting me sew on lots of different width fabrics and showing me all the gizmos I knew I wanted ( like a certain buttonhole feature, and blind hem, etc.), and telling me the machine was marked down from $599 to $399 I decided to buy it. I think I'm happy except I haven't even had time to open the box yet and my checking account now has exactly $63.09. And the machine says Project Runway- I'll HAVE to find some stickers to cover that up because it makes it seem so silly... The ssshhhhh comes in because I haven't told my hubby. With paying taxes this week, bills, college tuitions, car insurance, car registration, etc., etc. it seems a little selfish to blow my cash on a machine when I already have one. I justify it because when ( not IF ) my current machine gives up, I won't stress and make a hasty decision. I got a good value and an excellent warranty. Hopefully many years of happy sewing await me.

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