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Saturday, February 2, 2013

On The Road to California

On a wet, rainy day my mom and I made our annual outing to the huge 
Road to California Show.
The show is a four day extravaganza of all things fabric with an emphasis on quilts.
We try to attend every year and it is always an inspiring, amazing, enjoyable experience.

Notice the antique crazy quilt behind my mom.
It is made from millinery scraps by a long ago relative.

The moment upon entering the Convention Center in Ontario, California you already know it's going to be a great show.

Great amounts of fabric,

Great demonstrations,

Great new ideas,

Great new products,

And great crowds of people!!


  1. Good Evening,

    This is Magin Razani, a student in your sewing class. I thought the class was only online and am glad to hear there is actual interaction as well. I missed the first class. Do you mind telling me how many hours i have missed so far? I elected the course as a pass no pass. I am genuinely interested in learning how to operate a sewing machine, so this course is not for any particular person other than my own interest and desire to be skillful.

    Let me know if it is okay to stay in the class, i want to try to do as much as i can.

    In addition, is the textbook on course reserve?

    Magin Razani

  2. Dear Professor Nowland,

    Where are the videos needed for the homework assignment?

    By the way, your online scrapbook pages look very unique.

    I didnt think anyone other than myself was that creative.

    I like the one with the chanel noir image, the best.
    Magin Razani

  3. Dear Professor Nowland,

    Your email for the fashion sewing class isn't working. I thought I would let you know.


  4. Dear Professor Nowland,

    all of the fabric looks interesting to work with. My favorite kinds are velvet and satin.