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Saturday, February 2, 2013

What I Couldn't Resist

The Road to California must easily have over 100 vendors selling everything you never knew you needed for fiber arts!
I swore I was not going to purchase ANYTHING due to the backlog of projects I have yet to complete but, some items really tempted me...

 Who wouldn't want a shiny new motorcycle?

Perhaps a new beautiful quilt? 
( actually not too tempted because anything there my mom could do better)

Thousands of bolts of great fabrics was impossible to resist!

And this is my final booty from the entire, huge Road to California. Two yards of irresistible cute bird fabric that WILL become a skirt. Two fabric flower brooches because I couldn't decide on just one. And the CUTEST little scissors in the shape of a fairy by Bohn.

A day spent with my mom is always a good day.
A day with my mom spending at the Road to California is a GREAT day!

Hope I see you there next year. 

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