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Saturday, February 2, 2013

What Wowed Me

For me the animal quilts ruled the day at The Road to California. The images were artful and the execution was exquisite!

The composition of this image is what makes it so compelling.

Not only are all the fabrics pieced but, also the machine stitching
 done by the artist all over  adds to the visual interest.
Simple but, effective.

Simple and stylized with a story.

This is practically life size and the black and white really make an impact!

A photo just doesn't do the details justice.

This quilt is so innovative in so many ways. How the octopus is outside of
the blue background, the mosaic  quality of the fabric piecing,  the three dimensionality,
the movement and angle of the octopus.
 This may be be favorite piece of the entire show. 
The tentacles were buttons with a bead on top. 

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