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Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Winners

There must be 1,000 quilts submitted for consideration to be part of the Road to California Show. From that about 100 are selected to be in the show and out of those there are quilts that are awarded cash prizes and HUGE bragging rights ( my mom has been a winner and exhibitor in past shows ).
Here are a few of this year's quilts that were judged as exceptional.

Best Quilt from First Time Entrant $750

This is a small detail of the traditional quilt.
 This style of quilt is called a crazy quilt because of the piecing of the fabric but,
 I think it's also your mental state.
 I would bet this quilt easily took over 1,000 hours of work. 

Outstanding Innovative Quilt $1,000

This is an extremely poor photo of the Best of Show $5,000 winner.
The quilt was always surrounded by people gawking at it and
 I couldn't get a better shot.
 Personally, it wasn't my favorite quilt.

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